Monday, November 28, 2011

Playing with singed flowers

I discovered Pinterest a few months ago, (I know, where have I been?!) On the front page there I saw a tutorial for singed flowers here by a very talented lady. Do have a look. She's explained it and illustrated it far better than I could. She produced masses and masses of flowers and was raving about just how easy it is and so I was compelled to give it a try.

I had a ball to go to and I needed something to wear in my hair... Now I could make a tiara, but that might be a little bit too overdressed so I thought maybe a flower clip or a fascinator might do the job.

Here's the clip I made for my hair - it cost around a pound to make, even with the clip attachment and a few hematite beads.

I couldn't stop there so I made a small brooche to wear discretely on my waist -

and some shoe clips

OK, maybe I got slightly carried away!

Then I couldn't stop there so I made a pretty girlie flower to go on a birthday present for my daughter to give to her friend

I used 100% polyester silk habotai lining fabric, which cost 99pence for half a metre and I can see me stocking up with lots of small lengths in all different colours, 'just in case'...
 Most of the singed flowers I've seen just have a few layers, but as I worked with my individual singed circles I found that I much preferred them with lots and lots of layer, all just gradually getting bigger and bigger... They're just a bit more realistic to me anyway. As I experimenting with my singeing technique I found that if I held my flame at a very shallow angle and just 'dabbed' around my fabric I could create almost a petal edge and I then just lightly melted the remaining edges.

I can think of so many uses for these gorgeous things and my mind is already racing... Christmas decorations, wreaths, Christmas crackers, headbands, brooches, shoe clips, scrapbooking elements... Any more ideas???

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