Projects and Tutorials

Take a scroll through the projects and tutorials that I've written over the years.  I love most crafts, so you'll find a wide selection here, including spinning, knitting, card making, sewing, paper cutting, shrink plastic, needle felting, resin, jewellery making, sugarcraft and singed flowers.

I've organised the projects by popularity - 

Shrink Plastic Buttons

DIY Onion holder/slicer Wool Blending Hackle

Unbiased Review of the Daedalus Sparrow

Using the Dreaming Robots Yarn Counter to
Sample Yarn Gauges and Ply the
Yarn Weight I Want
Making Super Chunky Yarn From 
Crushed Velvet Fabric

The Boucle Stitch
Making Cold porcelain

Rag Heart Wreath

Free Printable Shrink Plastic Stitch Markers

Resin Coated Fabric Beads

Resin Glitter Dots

Making an Extreme Knitting Yarn with the Help
of the Electric Eel Wheel Yarn Counter

Needle felted Remembrance Day Poppy

How to Measure the Length of
Handspun Yarn with an App
What Do You Do When Your 
Daughter Swallows Her First Tooth?

Boucle Stitch Curlicue Scarf

Making Felt Balls From Little Balls of Yarn

40th Birthday Banner Display

Virtually no-sew knitted heart

How to Wire an Autumn Leaf Headband

Rescuing an Ugly Rainbow Yarn 

Testing the Electric Eel Wheel
Yarn Counter Prototype

Paper Pierced Valentine's Card

How to Make the Fluffiest,
Quickest Pom Poms Ever

Freeform Glitter Resin Jewellery - Part 1

Serendipitous Knitted Wreath

Dyeing and Spinning Hand Painted Wool Top
 - My First Attempt

How to Turn an envelope into a gift bag

Bohemian Wreath
Loop Stitch Knitted Christmas Wreath

Testing the Target Length Setting on
the Electric Eel Wheel Yarn Counter

Rose and Pom Pom Garland

Lino Printing Workshop

Altering a case for
the Electric Eel Wheel

Personalised Princess Silhouette DIY

World Book Day -
How to Make Cute Costume Props

Frozen Themed Elsa Birthday Cake

Making a Zip Backed Cushion

Circular Cast on and
Magic Loop Knitting

Painting Pots at Home

Making Resin Bobbins for the
Electric Eel Wheel Nano

How to Work a Russian Join

Maisie's Hanging Toy Bag

Scooby Doo 40th Birthday Cake

Nursery Clock

Oo-Oo Word Wheel

Chocolate Fingers and
Smarties Birthday Cake
Cake Pop Topiary

Knitted felt balls

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