Monday, December 28, 2020

DIY Rose and Pom Pom Garland

Five years ago I blogged about how to make singed roses out of inexpensive nylon lining fabric. It’s been one of my most popular blog posts, possibly because they are so effective and realistic, yet simple and cheap to make. I did actually start writing this blog post shortly after the singed rose tutorial, but never got around to finishing it properly. I was struggling to get a good photo of the garland in situ, with the lighting available to me, and then I just kind of forgot about it.
Please do take look at the singed rose tutorial - they really are easier than they look!

I eventually made 15 of them and turned them into a garland to decorate my daughter’s bedroom.  

Well she’s now a very grown-up 12 year old and wanting to put her own mark on her bedroom.  The rose and pom pom garland has come down and she’s wanting to put posters on her bedroom wall and move away from the sugary pastel colours.  Before I pack it away, I thought I’d finish the blog post I started about how I made the garland all those years ago.

As fun as they are to make, I must admit that by the time I'd made 15 of them, the repetition was getting to me a little so I started to look around for something else to fill up my garland.  

I looked through my stash and remembered that I had quite a few pom poms left over from when I made my Pom Pom 'Up' House Mobile and many of them toned in with the room.  I really like the juxtaposition of the roses with the pom poms - the colours and textures have a real carnival feel to them.

To make your own singed rose and pom pom garland you will need:-

Firstly, decide on the order that you want your roses and pom poms to sit on the garland.  As I only had three different colours of roses I felt a repeating pattern was easier than a random arrangement, so I laid down all of my roses first and then dotted the pom poms in between.

Cut your beading thread to the desired length, plus a little extra to allow for the threaded needle.  I wanted my garland to span the width of a single bed, and then hang down from the ceiling, so after a bit of experimentation I worked out that I needed my garland to be at least 450cm.

Thread on a crimp and take it to the very end of your thread.  Secure it in place by squeezing it tightly with the pliers.  Now start threading on your roses and pom poms on in order, but add two crimps between each and every rose and pom pom, finishing with a single crimp.

Once everything has been threaded on it is time to start securing it all in place. Forgetting about the pom poms for now, secure all of the roses in place by squeezing the crimps shut with the pliers on either side.  I used a tape measure to make sure that my roses were all about 31cm apart.

Finally, it is time to secure the pom poms in place.  Space them out fairly evenly between the roses and then squeeze the crimps shut as close as possible on either side of each pom pom.

To hang it on the wall I used just three decorative Command clips to secure it all in place.  Some of the roses had a tendency to hang facing downwards and so I secured them with a little white tack.


When it came to packing the garland away, I wasn’t ready to part with it just yet and so I relocated it to the spare room/craft room.  

Unfortunately, it became extremely tangled, just on the short journey from one room to the next and so I ended up cutting it, which is why I have a few errant roses and pom poms hanging from the centre.  

I think I prefer it this way!

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