Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Paper Pierced Valentine's Card


Like so many of my projects, this pierced Valentine's card was originally going to be one thing, but it evolved into something quite different. I started out by drawing my heart and swirl onto paper, scanning it into the computer and then marking regular dots along the line in a seperate layer.  I had intended to stitch over the line in embroidery thread, but for some reason, (probably because I was in a hurry as usual, and I had a wriggly daughter on my lap), I marked my dots way too close together for the stitching to have the proportions I wanted, and there wasn't time to do it all again.

Call it serendipity, but I much prefer this as a paper pierced card.  Printed onto water colour card, it has a simplicity and a feeling of quality to it that it might not otherwise have.

The hearts were hand drawn onto the back of coloured felt, cut out with sharp scissors and then glued on with Diamond Glaze.

I printed it onto Bockingford 300gsm watercolour white board from Craft Creations and the dimensions for this card are 69mm x 184mm (folded).

I used a paper piercing tool to punch the holes, but a thick needle, or bodkin would serve just as well.

Here's a free printable so that you could print your own and embellish it however you like -

Heart Card with Text

I've made one without text too so that you could put your own greeting on if you prefer -

Heart Card without Text

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Jules Molino said...

Custom gifts are really cute and the effort you put into making it will always be appreciated. I love doing/making some creative cards that I give out to my friends and of course my special someone.

Hilary said...

Lovely card! Felt looks beautiful against the white card, great design :)

Unknown said...

Such a simply beautiful card. TFS!