Monday, June 22, 2015

Frozen themed Elsa cake

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of the Elsa cake I made for my daughter's 7th birthday this weekend. She's very much into the imagery of Frozen and loves to play with the Elsa and Anna dolls, so I wondered if I could find an idea for an Elsa doll cake that I could put my own spin on.
Image copyright Laceyjakescakes

Full credit for this cake design goes to Lacey Todd of Laceyjakescakes cake blog.  I discovered a link to her tutorial on Pinterest and when I read through her detailed blog post it sounded like something an amateur cake decorator like myself might be able to recreate.  Do have a look as she gives a step by step photo tutorial of how she made her "walking doll cake".

I won't go into extensive detail of how I made the cake as Lacey's blog goes into much more information than I ever could, but the materials I used are :-

  • Disney Frozen Singing Elsa Doll
  • Giant silicone cupcake mould with the base cut off and and then trimmed and cut into shape
  • 12" cake board.
  • 6" cake board.
  • 2 packets of Betty Crocker cake mix. I used about 1 and a half packets.
  • 2 kilos of white fondant icing - 1 for the cake and 1 for the skirt.
  • A very small amount of Wilton sky blue gel colouring applied on the end of a cocktail stick.
  • Tylose powder to mix into the fondant icing for the skirt layers.
  • 1 x flower wire for wrapping around her leg to insert into the flower spike.
  • 1 x flower spike to insert into the cake to stop the wire from touching the cake.
  • Edible Bakers Glue for attaching the skirt layers
  • Paint brushes for brushing on edible glue and the dusting powders.
  • Glacier blue edible lustre powder - applied just to the edges of the skirt layers.
  • Pearl white edible lustre powder - applied all over the skirt.
  • Snowflake sprinkles and snowball sprinkles for decorating the skirt and board
  • Royal icing in a piping bag for attaching the snowflakes and sprinkles to the cake and board.

You will notice that Lacey's cake has a much more gradual slope backwards. Unfortunately I didn't quite achieve this so Elsa ended up with more of a 'bustle' than I had originally intended - but it did mean that we had more cake to eat...

I must confess it wasn't quite as easy as Lacey made it look.  I really struggled to get the front layers to stick, so I ended up with a lot more layers at the front than intended as they just kept slipping down.  Gravity and humidity were definitely working against me!  I actually ended up leaving the front to harden overnight which made it much easier to attach the rest of the skirt in the morning.

With all the difficulties I was having getting the many strips to stick, I decided to speed things up by using much larger layers for the back of the cake.  I just rolled out my sugar paste (which I'd mixed with tylose powder to make it more workable) into very large petal shapes and then frilled the edges with a cocktail stick.  I then used edible glue to attach them.  These stayed in place much better than the narrow strips and really speeded up the completion of her skirt.

The doll is actually a singing doll which is why her bodice is wrapped in cling film.  I didn't want the sugar paste or dusting powders to get inside her and affect her electrics or speaker.  It also helped using a doll with a moulded bodice because it meant that I didn't need to make one out of sugar for her.

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Lacey Todd for the incredibly detailed tutorial that she so generously provided.  The cake was a huge hit with the girls at my daughter's party and they really couldn't believe that it was actually a cake!

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