Monday, September 10, 2012

Decopatch Nails - Take two

I've been pondering on how I could improve on my Decopatch nails from last week as I hadn't been completely happy with how they'd turned out and they took a little too long for my liking.  The cutting out of the flower sections took the longest, so it occurred to me that I could cut out the elements on my

I haven't got any individual die cutters small enough to fit on my nails, but this Creatables bird die cut worked like a charm and I was able to cut through several layers in one pass.

I used Decopatch paper number 570 and cut off individual leaves at the stem and arranged them in the order I wanted to apply them to my nails.

I put a single coat of Maybelline, Forever Strong in shade 78 on and then, as I finished each nail I quickly applied my leaf shape with tweasers.  That was a lot easier than last week!

Then, in the name of experimentation, I drew 5 hearts in varying sizes on the reverse of my paper, cut them out and applied them with tweasers onto the wet nail varnish on my other hand.

I then applied 2 layers of clear nail varnish and there I have some pretty, flowery nails that even a complete amateur like myself could do.

Oh I LOVE Decopatch!

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