Thursday, November 15, 2012

Graphemes and phonemes for girls

For the last couple of months I've been doing a course on Literacy and Numeracy for parents while Maisie's at school.  The idea behind the course is so that parents, like myself, can help their children with their reading and maths homework, learning the methods that they use in school so that there is less confusion.  It's over 20 years since I was at school, so Jolly Phonics, chunking and number lines are all alien terms to me... but I'm picking them up gradually.

For my homework this week we had to design a game or activity aimed specifically at our own children, to try to make phonemes and graphemes fun.  Like many little girls, Maisie loves Disney princesses and Strawberry Shortcake, so I thought I'd make some colouring sheets, but she had to 'mend' their names first as some of the letters had fallen out in the printer...  hey she's gullible!

I used images from The Disney Website, so if you're just looking for colouring sheet you can find them here.  I also used images from the Strawberry Shortcake website here.  I loaded them into Photoshop, cut them out and then typed the character's name underneath.  I then blanked out the grapheme that I wanted Maisie to fill in.

I just punched a couple of holes and bound them all together with ribbon.  Then I cut out all the graphemes individually and left them all together on the coffee table for her to find.

We have Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty.


Cherry Jam.


Plum Pudding.

...and Strawberry Shortcake as the Birthday Girl.

...and here are the graphemes to cut out.

She had a lovely time, 'mending' their names (with a tiny bit of help) before she got on with her favourite task of colouring them all in.


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