Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cold Porcelain Rose Tiara

Last week I posted a tutorial on how to make roses out of cold porcelain and then turn them into beads. The rose beads were to be used on a side tiara I was designing for a friend.  I was pretty happy with my final design, but I really wasn't satisfied with the way the roses moved about and didn't always sit how I wanted them to.

(original tiara)

I sent the bride  a photograph of the tiara and although she loved it, she just wanted a few more pearls... and so rose tiara number 2 was born.

I think she was right!  I put down a row of wired pearls and then wrapped the whole band in pearls after attaching my rose embellishments and it's all come together really well [she says modestly!]

I managed to solve my problem with the floppy, wiggling roses by wrapping my wire through the hole and around the base of the roses a couple of times.

I absolutely loved making this one!  Ssshhhh, I might have the tiara bug again...

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