Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Decopatch - my new obsession

Today I took delivery of a big box of decopatch papers and glues from France. I'd given up on trying to source the papers I wanted from the UK and I just couldn't wait any longer. I've been wanting to decopatch my Robox - even before I got it!

I've just been surfing their website and I couldn't believe some of the thing that people have covered in the stuff. I showed my other half some of the photos via Messenger this morning and I think he's seriously worried about what he's going to come home to this weekend. There were pictures of wardrobes, plates, dining sets, cars, trucks... I'd love to cover my Micra in decopatch! How wonderfully flamboyant would that be?!

Just a couple of pictures from their website -

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Bea-dazzled said...

Decopatch is just great isn't it! I make jewellery and have been using Decopatch on some of my wooden beads! I get mine from


They seem to do a huge range even though they are in the UK