Friday, July 27, 2007

My parent's Ruby wedding

This was a LO I did for the 'Crafts Under the Willow' forum. The instructions were virtually identical to the card guidelines -

  • Scrap a celebration
  • Use a monogram on there
  • Use hidden journaling
  • Use acetate or vellum

Well this was a real challenge, I wanted to put a few photos on there of the day and at the same time, I really wanted to have a go at doing a waterfall element, so I thought if I pop the journaling onto the pull tab, then that would do for my hidden journaling. So, here's me thinking how clever I am, making my own from scratch - but as usual this really was a case of trial and error. I think it was about 90% error on my part as it took me aaaages to work out where I was going wrong with the waterfall element and there was an awful lot of poxing and faffing going on in the meantime. The little shield shape for example was a little 'extension' that I found was needed to allow you to see the bottom picture. I think it was a case of too many pictures, spaced too closely together - but I think I sorted it in the end.

For the swirls on the acetate I edited an overlay from the Spoonful of sprinkles site. The original was a lot more grungy, so I erased most of it and just repeated the swirls in the corners and added 'Years' to the bottom.

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