Monday, April 21, 2008

Nursery Clock

I made a little something to go on the nursery wall this weekend. I like the idea of getting baby familiar with letters and numbers from an early age, but I didn't want to stick just random words and letters on the wall, so I thought I'd have a go at making a clock. I wanted something more decorative than anything, but with numbers that were big and easy to read. Then I saw this Karlsson, Little Big Time clock on Amazon that I thought would be perfect for the clock middle.

I used 2.5inch wooden letters and 4 different scrapbooking papers, all in shades of pink and green.

I've never covered wooden letters with patterned paper before, so I experimented a little with whether to cut the numbers out first and then stick them on, or to glue them onto the patterned paper and then cut around them with a craft knife. People that have done this before will tell you that the latter definitely works better! Especially if you're using big wooden numbers, where it's impossible to rub out any pencil marks from the middle of the holes after you've drawn around them... I finished the edges of the numbers off with a little pink ink and then glazed them all with Glossy Accents, which has given them a lovely 'tiled' effect.

The numbers are just stuck to the wall with a little piece of white tack, so hopefully there shouldn't be too much damage to the wall when it comes time to take it down.

I have to confess that the scrapbooker in me desperately wanted to decorate the numbers afterwards with ribbons and flowers, so I had to be reined in a little by my other half.

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Unknown said...

What a clever thing to do. Just found you and enjoy your blog

Unknown said...

I am new at this, so be patient. Does anyone have a good site to go to for making clever paper projects?

Kathryn - Craftmehappy said...

Hi Paula
Thank you for your lovely comments! I can think of so many sites... One lovely site I look at quite a bit is or have a look at my Pinterest papercrafts page for some ideas.

Ann Martin said...

So pretty and useful too! Kudos to your other half... I think it looks perfect as is. :)

Virginia said...

LOVE this idea! Would love to borrow the idea. Where did you get the hands/clock center?

Kathryn - Craftmehappy said...

Hi Virginia, thank you for kind words. It's a Karlsson, Little Big time clock and I bought it on Amazon. It is quite light and flimsy, but great for a child's bedroom.