Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pinterest Vs Juxtapost

Some of you may have noticed just how addicted I am to Pinterest - what crafter isn't?!  I give Pinterest and Craftgawker credit for the recent and rapid increase in my desire to get making again.  My mojo has officially returned and mostly thanks to these 2 sites.  My brain is currently buzzing with all the projects I'm going to start once I wave a teary farewell to my daughter at the school gates next week...

But as much as I love Pinterest, it does have its flaws.  My main criticism would be that you can't have private boards.  They say they 'may implement them in the future', but there is no commitment to do so.

I've stumbled upon quite a few similar sites.  Pinspire, Juxtapost, Indulgy and Fancy are just some of sites that have caught my eye.  I know that there are many more out there, but the one that I think is a real competitor on the private board front is Juxtapost.

There are a couple of reasons why I'd like the facility to create private boards.  Firstly, if I was planing a party for my husband, I don't necessarily want him to know what cakes, card designs or decoration ideas I've pinned.  The other reason is that sometimes I don't want to bore the heck out of my friends and followers!  We're currently having a conservatory built, so with Juxtapost I've been able to create a private page that I can share with my husband and fill it with hundreds of images of light fittings, panel heaters and flooring without all of my followers switching off.

To make a board private all you have to do is click on the name of the postboard, click on the red 'edit this board' box and then select who can see that particular postboard, whether it's 'everyone' or 'just me.'  If you then want to share it, you click on the collaboration options which then allows you to copy and paste the URL of your postboard to a friend, regardless of whether they are Juxtapost members and decide whether to give others permission to post to your board, while it still remains private.

Thrilling stuff eh?!

On top of the facility to create and share private boards, Juxtapost has a few other nice features that make it stand out as a contender to Pinterest.
You can install a 'Juxtapost it!' button on your computer that works just like the 'Pin it' button, but Juxtapost really comes into its own when you open it up on the Ipad.

For  a long time I'd been struggling to pin things to Pinterest on my Ipad by using a slightly clunky app called "Pin It".  Now Pinterest have brought out their new Ipad app which allows you to pin things straight to Pinterest - however you still have to be in the Pinterest app at the time.

Juxtapost don't have an Ipad app (or at least they don't right now) but this is irrelevant as the website works perfectly well in Safari.  Juxtapost starts to get clever as it detects that you are using an Ipad and invites you save a Juxtapost bookmark.  So now, regardless of what I'm doing at the time, if I stumble upon an image that I like, I just select the Juxtapost bookmark and I'm given the option of saving an image to my Juxtapost boards.

Another feature I like is how it shows you a colour pallette of the dominant colours in your image.  From this you can select a colour and it will show you images with a similar colour pallette. You can also choose to look at images with a similar theme.

As far as I can see, the only downside to Juxtapost is that it just hasn't got the vast number of members as Pinterest so the content isn't updated quite so rapidly and you haven't got quite the wealth of images to search through - but the site is just in its infancy.

It really is a valid competitor to Pinterest, I just hope it hasn't come slightly too late to the party...


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Anonymous said...

Hi just letting you know that you can actually make your pinterest boards private, you do not have to keep them public. all you have to do it is create a board and there will be an option below if you want to keep your board secret aka private.

Kathryn - Craftmehappy said...

Thank you for that. Ah yes, you've stumbled upon one of my older blog posts that is really showing its age.

When I wrote this, you couldn't create private boards on Pinterest, and Juxtapost was technically the more advanced of the two. Since then Pinterest has definitely overtaken Juxtapost and sadly the latter is mostly populated with adverts now.