Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Candy Melt Daisies

I absolutely adore these candy melt daisies and they're so easy to make.  Honestly! They're my favourite kind of craft - incredibly simple and yet so realistic and professional looking.

The credit goes almost entirely to this silicone mould from Lindy's Cakes. It's recommended for use with sugarpaste, but I find it works so much better with candy melts - and it tastes better too!  (This post is not sponsored by Lindy's Cakes, I just love this mould, can you tell?!)

I melt a handful of candy melts in a cup and then stir in a tiny bit of candy colouring for the flower centres.  I then spoon it into a small, zip seal freezer bag - the bags are pretty cheap and save a lot of hassle with piping bags.  I dust the mould with a little corn flour to stop them from sticking, but I'm not sure how essential this is.

I snip the tiniest hole in one of the bottom corners of the bag and then start filling the flower centres with melted candy melts.

Once all my flower centres are full, I melt quite a few more Candy Melts, spoon them into another bag and repeat the process, filling in the petals this time.  It can be a little tricky getting the melts right to the ends of the petals, but I use a cocktail stick to push the melted white chocolate into any gaps.

Then I pop them in the freezer for 10 minutes to firm up, flex the mould and pop them out. So simple but so effective!

The little bags of candy melts can be melted again in the microwave on a medium setting, but make sure you put them on a plate first (I only made that mistake once!)

These would be perfect on iced cupcakes, cake pops or dotted all over a cake.  I can just picture them in a rainbow of pastel colours...


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