Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nostalgic Father's Day Card

I love digital photography.  I think it's revolutionised photography and it means that anyone, if they take enough photographs, can be a brilliant photographer. Sometimes, I take more photographs in a day, than there are photographs of me as a child - which makes my childhood photographs all the more precious.

However, I look at this photograph of my dad and myself and I can't help but mourn the loss of film a little bit.  The fading, discolouration and aging that has taken place over the years, all add to the nostalgic feeling that this photograph evokes.  I wonder if the digital photographs we take now, will have the same feeling of age as this one in 40 years' time... who knows?

A few years ago, in an effort to preserve a little bit of our family history, Simon and I spent a good few weeks scanning in family photographs from our parents' albums and this is one of the very few images of just my dad and me.  I thought it would make a lovely image for the front of a Father's Day card.

I really struggle with men's cards, so I kept it very simple.  It's just an old photograph, with a cropped Dawn Inskip digital overlay.  I've typed my heading on and then mirrored the image and printed it onto an inkjet transparency sheet.  It's then attached to the card with 4 eyelets.  I really have to restrain myself from putting ribbons on it!


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1 comment:

Brooke xo said...

What an amazing card, you found the perfect photo of you and your dad for it :) reminds me I must scan more old photos x