Monday, October 28, 2013

My super chunky yarn - the story so far.

Well it's been 3 weeks since my last post and I've been pretty busy, designing and knitting up my hand spun, super chunky yarn.  And, as I suspected, I ran out of yarn.  Quite a lot earlier than I anticipated I have to say.  It shows how little experience I have knitting with super chunky yarn.  Apparently 400 grams will only just knit up a cushion front.  Oh well, I'll know for next time.

I did learn though that getting the wool company to blend your wool colours for you is an excellent idea.  I'd spent many a back breaking hour, hand carding my 2 colours together the first time, so when I ordered the next 500 grams I paid the extra £3 to have them blended before hand.

So, if you're interested, this is what 500 grams of blended wool tops looks like.  When you order a blend from World of Wool you get the choice of having your blend go through between 1 and 5 blending cycles.  I opted for 4, but in retrospect, I think 3 would have been closer to my original yarn.  No matter, this yarn will make up the reverse of the cushion.

The knitting pictured will make up the cushion fronts with a button seam fastening.

And here is my yarn, all spun up.  It's about 400 grams of 5plies of singles.  I have to say, I'd forgotten the joy of spinning from recently blended tops.  No carding, meant that I managed to spin it up within a few days.

Off to give it a wash now...

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